Commercial Services

Big Projects or Small. We’ll get the job done.

With decades of experience and technical know-how, Patriot can tackle any Commercial HVAC or Plumbing project. From small issues to large-scale projects, we can do it. Have a question about a commercial project. Get in touch!

Commercial Plumbing

Sewer Lines

Replace that broken or collapsed line without digging up the parking lot or disturbing mature landscaping.

Water Lines

Want to get water to another part of your property but don’t want to dig up your parking lot, driveways or landscape? Patriot can provide the solution using a variety of methods to bore and install your new line with minimal surface intrusion.

Gas Lines

Replace that old steel line with new poly gas piping without your paving or landscaping having to suffer. Patriot can replace that bad line and have you operating in no time.

Water Heaters and Boilers

Patriot is experienced in all styles and sizes of commercial water heaters and hot water boilers. We have well trained technicians to service all of your hot water needs.

Hydro Jetting

Commercial, Institutional, and Food Service Industries all can benefit from proper maintenance of their drains. Save downtime from emergency blockages, and prevent contamination from backups resulting in Health Code Violations.

Commercial HVAC

General Maintenance

Many parts of your plumbing and HVAC system require good maintenance. Water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps  can last longer with the proper care and attention that Patriot can provide.

Repair and Service

Technicians with factory training will diagnose and service your plumbing and HVAC needs.


In the event of catastrophic failure our service team can replace your existing equipment with options to fit in your budget. We can also design a new possibly more efficient or economic system.

Annual Inspections

We at Patriot can schedule annual inspections to head off any foreseeable problems.

Annual Certification

More and more water utilities are requiring annual testing of cross-connection protection devices. Patriot has certified testers available and can set you up on an annual schedule.

Service and Agreements

We offer custom-tailored Service Agreements to keep your hot water flowing and your home comfortable all year long.

Institutional & Food Service

Backflow Device Testing & Installation

Water supply protection has become a major concern in our country. Patriot provides certified and licensed technicians to specialize in your water safety needs.


With the variety of devices required and available Patriot has expert technicians to install the right device that will fulfill your water supply safety needs

Backflow & RPZ Repair

Unfortunately these devices are mechanical and therefore subject to failure, so good maintenance and experienced repair can be found at Patriot.


A circulating system can be the heart of your HW needs. Service Agreements providing Preventative Maintenance by trained and experienced Patriot technicians will keep the hot water flowing.